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007 - Video

[Usually Haku would be outside, but with the snow outside still he really has no urge to go out there. The video shows him surrounded by his usual team, or, well, all of them but his Seel have evolved by now and there's a Buneary currently sitting in his lap and pretty much loving all over him.

With a tiny giggle he snuggles the bunny, getting a little happy squeak from the male bunny in return.]

It is rather interesting that my egg would wait to hatch until today, it makes him and myself have more in common than I would have thought.

[A small bit of a pause, gently resting his chin on the top of the Buneary's head and the happy expression fading for a moment.]

Though how does one acknowledge their birthday if they were dead before arriving in this place?

((Y-yes, Jan. 9th is Haku's canon birthday according to Kishimoto. :|a))

006 - Accidental Video

[The screen shifts a bit, as if it's being handled a little more roughly than needs be until it stops, showing that the thing's pretty stuck in the snow. A little bit of the screen at the bottom is obscured by it, though overall it's still easy enough to see.

Haku is quietly sitting a bit away from the screen, Akemi sitting quietly in his lap and seeming absolutely unphased by the snow at large. The rest of his team is absent, inside as they don't really care about the cold that's abound.]

I should be enjoying this, the snow and cold. But this place feels and looks far too familiar to me, I cannot enjoy such a thing. [His voice lowers to a softer tone, just barely heard if you aren't really listening to it.]

It has been... five years or so now, I think. Since the both of their lives were ended, because of me.

((He'll probably be responding to replies, though, uh. Just warning now that he's going to be a tiny bit moody with all of the snow.))

005 - Video

[The video moves about for a second, showing a good chunk of brown and white before settling on Haku and then panning about to show a good group of three shiny Buneary and two shiny Lopunny to boot. He seems ridiculously happy, if nothing else. In fact, he's just kind of snuggling into the pile of fluffy rabbits.]

I honestly have no idea where any of these came from, but they seem very affectionate and more than happy to just kind of follow me around. Is anyone else having this problem? I am not complaining as I had no seen a single rabbit-like creature in this place, but it is strange to see them suddenly appearing.

004 - Voice

[He sounds almost rushed as he begins, the usual sounds of his team not there this go around.]

To those I have been traveling with, I shall be leaving for some time. I may or may not return, depending on how everything ends up.

I am returning to Cherrygrove with Kisame-san in hopes of meeting Zabuza-san there, if I return to the group depends solely on what he wishes of me to do.

003 - Video

[Video starts with a rather relaxed looking Seel sprawled out on the ground a little outside of Violet, Haku can't help but giggle a little.]

It always relaxes you, doesn't it, Akemi? [His tone is light and teasing, Akemi deciding to just kind of comically stick his tongue out at him as she squirms to roll over onto her back.]

[The view shifts to Haku sitting not far from the Seel, chin resting in his palm.]

So, with Akemi as a demonstration, I have decided to reveal a little something I have decided would be a good idea amongst trainers as a whole. You could say it's something of a traveling Pokemon massage type of thing, for the time being I am more than willing to work in exchange for a favor or some sort of exchange, though it can easily be worked out if you would like to go that route.

[He pauses a moment, Akemi scooting over to place her head in his lap and then her face into the screen and quickly being pressed away from it.] I currently am in Violet and, well, I should say it is not exclusive to only Pokemon, I was trained in anatomy and all aspects of the human body back home and am skilled in that as well. Knots of stress, tension, things of that nature are easy to deal with. I admit I am far better with acupuncture, though as I do not have any needles, massage will simply have to do.
[The video clicks on with a rather tired looking Haku flopping down on the floor of the Pokemon Center. A small smile crosses his face, his Seel deciding to join him by snuggling up to his side and finally resting.]

It did not take as long as I thought it would, though over a course of three weeks, I would say my progress is at least acceptable. Things are a lot easier for me to deal with if they think attacking us is such a good idea.

Though... [He trails off for a moment, the little Poliwag poking her head out from behind him to peer at the device for a moment and quickly retracting herself behind Haku to hide.] I suppose gaining another is not a terribly bad thing, though she has been rather hesitant to come out unless she wishes to. A rather... annoying thing when all I wish to do is inspect her.

[With a soft sigh he clicks the video feed off again, deciding to stretch out on the floor and merely ignore the world around him. Cherrygrove at least was familiar territory again, which was something.]

001 - Video/Action

[The video starts off with a bit of fumbling, the device being dropped and caught almost before hitting the ground. A relieved sigh escapes from whoever managed to catch it before shifting it around to actually try and get to the point he was previously trying to make.

A strained little smile is fixed on his face, kind of ignoring the Seel that's presently made herself at home sprawled out on Haku's feet. For a moment Haku glances down at the strange creature before attention is returned to the device.]

If someone would be so kind as to tell me why exactly this creature has made itself at home on my feet, I would appreciate it. I... even with the explanation, it still is hard to comprehend.

[A tiny bit of a pause, smile faltering to a momentary frown and a small mutter.] And why I am even alive, though if I am, that would mean Zabuza-san would be as well... [Quickly afterward he cuts the video, realizing that that was probably heard. Hah-hah. :\]

((orz Sorry if I screwed that up somewhere. ;~;))